Electronic price tag

Fast, effective pricing, energy saving. Uniform look in your store.

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Interactive display

Effective tools of informing customers and grabbing attention. Sizes range 7-21”, onto shelves or next to them.

Animated shelf ad

Digital, animated displays attract customers to promotional items. It can result in a 25-75% increase in customer turnover!

Android kiosk

Might be placed on a shelf, durable build. Touch screen technology, fast browsing.


It informs, guides and entertains. It can substitute for salesman. Scanner, price checker can be attached.

PC kiosk

Flexible expandability, scanner, printer, club card identification, managing coupons. Available in 15”-80” size displays.

Multifunctional microkiosk

Kiosk, card reader and printer in one. It displays ads and videos as well.

Digital perimeter board

Big display for more intense effects, for in and outdoor use. Cannot be ignored.

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Customer counter

Informs how frequently customers come to the store, about their gender, age, analyzes consumer behavior.

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Frequent buyer systems

Apps tailored to frequent buyers, so that they may be retained and attract more people.

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Intelligent scales

A simple instrument has become a communication and informational tool. Reflect on it!

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Mobile apps

Apps developed for cell phones and tablets enhance business procedures and customer service.

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About us

Informing customers in the store has become more and more important. Decisions about what product will end up in the cart are made in seconds. One of the main tasks of business owners is to direct customers' attention, to raise their interest in more and more products. To achieve this we provide effective tools.

In 2009 Laurel Ltd created its in-store team of marketing tool developers. Among others, we introduce and support businesses in the world of electronic price tags, shop assistants and information kiosks.

The aim of our portal is to showcase all the tools in one place that may increase your customers' satisfaction, entertain them and may strengthen their loyalty to your store. You too can successfully take advantage of the opportunities satisfyingly applied by market leading manufacturers abroad.



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